The BEST filter in the market! 

Over 15,000 Satisfied Customers!

Create your own filter options and update it for FREE of charge anytime. 

If you choose to block SMS (Text Messages) from device voicemail notifications will still work! 

Other solutions in the market if you block SMS (Text Messages) voicemail notifications will no longer work! 


Kosher LG Wine 2 & Classic Filtering by Kosher SHIELD

Our unique "filtering" solution for the LG Wine 2 & Classic will  block and disable certain features that you don't want. 

Pick the features you want to disable such as No Pictures, No Video, No SMS and keep what's important to you such as Calling, Texting, Voice Notes, and more! 

We will filter your phone without the need for you to visit any store, all you need is your phone and either a wifi connection or data connection on the device. We will personally walk you thru the process which will take no more than 1 minute. Do not ask us to unlock your device to use with any other service provider. We do not unlock devices.


Access to our Kosher App store is provided for FREE of charge upon request! 

Custom build your own Kosher profile!

**All phones come with the basic apps such as Calculator, Calendar, Notepad, Alarm, Stopwatch, World Clock, Voice Command

Custom ( Custom profiles can be updated anytime for  FREE of charge!)


  • Talk
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Camera
  • Music Player
  • Email
  • Video Player Recording
  • Video Player Playing
  • Voice to Text
  • and more! 

*You are buying a filtering service to filter your LG Classic/Wine 2 phone. You are not buying an LG Phone.  A $8.99 set up fee for all new customer activations is required.  

**After your purchase please use the contact us to get instructions or give us a call (818) 405-7025! 


Free with ANY purchase!

Hebrew Keyboard

Free with ANY purchase!

  • Hebrew Typing keyboard (Actual typing keyboard, not a app)

Purchase our filter today to get Waze and the Hebrew Keyboard FREE of charge.

Please contact us for discount pricing for wholesale or if you are looking to purchase multiple filter credits at the same time.

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